Notification of Business Alliance between IP Bridge, Inc. and Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Apr 1, 2020

Notification of Business Alliance between IP Bridge, Inc. and Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Apr 1, 2020

IP Bridge, Inc. (the head office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO and COO: Minoru Fujiki, CEO and CFO: Tatsushige Yonaha) (“IP Bridge”) and Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (the head office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Seiji Nakata) (“Daiwa Securities”) decided to conclude a business collaboration agreement in order to contribute business activities and economic development through creation and utilization of the intellectual property and promotion of technical innovation.

While Daiwa Securities sets its traditional securities business as its core business, it further aims to provide “new value” through expansion and enhancement of the external network and surrounded business as a hybrid-type general securities group. On the other hand, IP Bridge has achieved successful track record for the intellectual property business since its establishment and further aims to expand its business through patent licensing and support for the start-up companies. Through this collaboration, the two companies put its strength together to create new value in the intellectual property and financing field. To be more specific, the following is a list of items of collaboration.


(1) Introduce customers of Daiwa Securities to IP Bridge

(2) Mutually offer joint investment opportunities between Daiwa Securities and IP Bridge

(3) Jointly promote the intellectual property related business by combining resources of both Daiwa Securities and IP Bridge including personnel and assets


IP Bridge has been leading the intellectual property-based business as one and only biggest intellectual property fund in Japan. IP Bridge has succeeded in concluding patent license agreements with a lot of global companies in the field of semiconductors, wireless communication and video compressors. In addition, in the field of the support for middle and small size start-up companies, IP Bridge has archived to increase corporate value of many start-up companies through intellectual property support service. Through this business collaboration, IP Bridge will make the best use of the network and excellent know-how in the area of finance of Daiwa Securities in order to support more companies to activate the economy.


【About IP Bridge】

At IP Bridge, our focus is on promoting technological innovation and cooperation within Japan and around the world. We have worked with investors worldwide, from 26 major global corporations to the Japanese Government, to establish the first and largest fund in Japan (approximately $300M) aimed at global innovation and IP-related investments. Our mission is to discover, activate and leverage high-quality, under-utilized intellectual property assets to the benefit of a variety of IP owners based in and outside of Japan. Our vision is that these activities will stimulate economic development and a healthy growth of industries worldwide.

We actively engage leading technology companies, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and universities to build large and high quality portfolios of 3,500 worldwide patents that are growing. These portfolios are in the fields of wireless communications, semiconductors, video codecs, display technologies, automotive technologies, robotics, home appliances, electric devices, healthcare, environment and energy, food technologies, and medical engineering.

Our world class team includes experienced professionals from IP and corporate management of major technology companies, investment funds, financial institutions, and law firms. We have the global experience and relationships to provide comprehensive IP services, including IP-based business incubation, monetization, licensing and financing to generate revenue and fuel innovation and business expansion, syndicated transactions to remove potential IP risks to our clients, and IP consulting services to build IP strategies, maximize IP value, and best position our clients for success.