Daisuke Honda

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Daisuke Honda

Director of Mobile Licensing

Daisuke Honda leads the mobile patent licensing efforts. In this role he is responsible for licensing, litigation, transaction and management of the mobile technologies international IP portfolio. These technologies include LTE/WCDMA/GSM, H.264/H.265 and some of the application technologies for smartphones.

Background: Funai, NEC, Tanita, Tabuchi

At Funai, NEC and Tanita, Mr. Honda handled a large number of IP litigation/negotiation cases in many countries such as the US, China, Taiwan and Japan. He is so skilled in negotiation that he has an experience of bringing NEC positive impact of more than hundred million dollars through his successful negotiation in a case. Immediately before joining IP Bridge, Mr. Honda was the head of Legal and IP Department and managed general legal matters as well as IP matters. He is a patent attorney licensed in Japan and an attorney at law licensed in the State of California.