Hideyuki “Duke” Ogata

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Hideyuki “Duke” Ogata

Executive Vice President & CIPO

As the Chief IP Officer, Hideyuki “Duke” Ogata is responsible for all of the IP-related business of the company — particularly the Licensing and IP Risk Management Division. His lengthy career in IP prosecution, licensing and litigation makes him ideally suited for this role.

Background: NEC Corporation, ARKRAY, SISVEL

Mr. Ogata rose through the ranks at NEC Corporation, leading the IP licensing division and ultimately becoming the General Manager and Vice President of IP for the company. Throughout his time with the company, he developed, negotiated and made deals on mobile and consumer electronics licensing programs. Mr. Ogata’s vast expertise includes working with various companies from small to large all around the world. He is credited with generating several hundred million of dollars of profits for NEC. He has also held leadership roles at ARKRAY, Inc. and SISVEL Japan K.K. prior to joining IP Bridge in 2014.

Mr. Ogata holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications Engineering from the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo.