Tatsushige Yonaha


Tatsushige Yonaha

Director of Accounting & IP Finance

Tatsushige Yonaha leads Accounting and IP Finance divisions, where he is responsible for day-to-day operations for back office departments such as Accounting, Finance, and IT departments. He is also involving investors relation in order for IP to expand its’ business into the global financial activities. He experienced over 25 years in financial and investment industries.

Background: Price Waterhouse, The Coca-Cola Company, Goldman Sachs, Lope
Corporation, PGM, Tozai Asset Management.

Prior to joining IP Bridge, Mr. Yonaha was a CFO and Board of Director of Tozai Asset Management Ltd., an asset management company established by US and Japanese investors specializing in real-estate investments. Prior to that, he was with Pacific Golf Management (PGM) which was established by US fund, and he lead PGM to Initial Public Offering (Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section listed) company as an original management (Board of Director and CFO) member.

Mr. Yonaha is an U.S. CPA holder started his career at Price Waterhouse in N.Y. and holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University.