We see the big picture, handle intricate details, anticipate the future and advise on steps you need to take today.

Because Intellectual Property is often the greatest asset a company has today, you need to align with an IP ally you can trust. One who knows the ins and outs of the IP world — not only in Japan, but around the globe. One who understands how to negotiate the complexities of deals, can help you protect your assets, turn unused innovations into gold, and guide you toward opportunities and away from pitfalls.

What sets IP Bridge apart from other IP firms

  • We operate Japan’s first and only dedicated IP fund of approximately US $300M.
  • We know from experience which services provide the greatest impact for startups, SMEs, large companies and universities.
  • We are the only IP entity in Japan to offer all of these critical services to our clients.
  • We have the global experience and relationships to move forward quickly and efficiently.

For organizations that understand the importance of IP, there is no better place to turn than IP Bridge. Our primary goal is to fully leverage IP, which will let local economies prosper and increase new jobs. We also aim to create greater market efficiency and collaboration among businesses, universities and startups. And, importantly, we are committed to remaining unbiased and fair as we support the development of whole industries.



Innovation is the lifeblood of a growing economy. It’s how startups are formed, corporations stay relevant, universities flourish and SMEs remain competitive. It’s also the heart of what we do and why we established IP Bridge.

When you work with us, you’ll be able to put IP to work in the areas where it makes a real difference for local economies — as we are doing with projects in ASEAN countries. Because we have our finger on the pulse of the market, we’re in an ideal position to facilitate the transfer of IP to create products, companies and jobs. Startups can leverage R&D from corporations. Universities can monetize patents they have no plans to develop any further. And these activities can fund further research to the benefit of an industry and the global economy. Our services include:

  • IP-based business incubation — complete with funding if needed
  • IP monetization — licensing IP to fuel business expansion
  • IP consulting — developing IP strategies and handling IP transactions


An idea — no matter how brilliant — is unlikely to go anywhere or have any impact if it doesn’t have funding. Again, IP Bridge leads the way by connecting businesses with opportunities to secure financing based on your IP assets, enabling organizational growth or adjustment. You can rely on the strength of the relationships we have built over the years, including those with local banks and global businesses, to help you launch or expand your business.

We will advise you on how to use your IP as collateral to secure loans, or how to liquidate or securitize your IP assets. We will guide you on IP strategy and how to best position your company for success.



Technology has the power to change lives in ways that most people can’t even imagine. And yet, what if some of the most ingenious innovations are never known because the company isn’t interested in pursuing that line of business?

And what about the research institutions and universities that could always use more funding? What might they discover, uncover, or create if they had the means?

Underutilized, high quality patents are an important resource that can and should generate revenue for patent owners. We’ve partnered with the Japanese government, leading corporations and other investors to build a top quality portfolio of patents, both from Japanese and non-Japanese patent owners. We license these patents to generate revenue, a significant portion of which goes back to the patent owner to fuel even more R&D and innovation.

Because we believe strongly in the value of licensing to further innovation and expansion for industries, we always seek to be fair and take a reasonable approach to negotiating licenses. Bringing parties together in mutually beneficial agreements is one of the things we do best.


Risk Management

You can’t innovate without some risk, but we can help minimize the risk you are exposed to.

Clients who work with us appreciate that IP Bridge strives to build market efficiency and a healthy industry via collaboration. We rely on our close relationships with the leading technology companies in Japan, the U.S., and around the world to arrange win-win deals for maximizing IP value. And we will not hesitate to protect our clients’ products, services, and entire businesses from competitors and others. In addition, as we conduct research and investigation in the field of IP related business, we can help our client with latest information.

If IP Bridge discovers intellectual property that could obstruct commercialization of our clients’ product, we take a preemptive approach by organizing a syndicate to purchase the IP. Then, we license it to syndicate members and non-member companies at reasonable royalty rates. There is no membership fee to join our syndicate.

With us on your side, you can rest assured that your interests will be protected
— freeing you up to focus on your core business and continue to innovate.